Year Identification

Facts and Figures Honda CG 125 (124ccm)

Which year are they made:

CG125                 1976-1978
CG125 K1            1978-1981
CG125-B             1981-1982
CG125-C             1982-1984
CG125-E             1984-1985
CG125 BR-E/F     1985-1988
CG125 BR-J         1988-1991
CG125 BR-K         1991-1995
CG125 BR-S/T     1995-1997
CG125-W            1997-2000
CG125M-1           2001-2003
CG125ES-4          2004-2006
CG125ES-7          2007

The CG125
model (no identifying suffix) has the frame numbers CG125-1023061 to 1111090. Engine numbers are
not available. Identified by its shrouded, external spring, front forks, this model Was imported from June 1976 to May 1978.

The CG125K1
model has the frame numbers CG125-1114636 to 1162518. Engine numbers not available. It differed most noticeably from the CG125 model in having front forks with internal springs and exposed stanchions, and was imported from May 1978 to March 1981.

The CG125-B
model has the frame numbers CG125-1202755 to 1223689; its engine numbers start at CG125E-1374586. It can be distinguished from the K1 model only by its different paintwork and graphics and was imported from March 1981 to March 1982.

The CG125-C
model has the frame numbers CG125-1272831 to 1286692; its engine numbers start at CG125E-1513928 on. Fitted with revised tail lamp, flashing indicator lamps, handlebar switches and the usual detail changes to paintwork and graphics. This model is also fitted with a higher compression engine and the (T)PFC carburettor for greater fuel economy. Note also that the ignition switch is combined in a new warning lamp cluster, mounted next to the speedometer. Imported from March 1982 to November 1984.

The CG125-E
model has the frame number CG 125-1288790 to 1293380 and the engine numbers CG125E-1689761 to 1694851. Identical to the C model except for detail changes to the graphics, this model was imported from November 1984 to April 1985.

All the aforementioned models are of Japanese manufacture.
Later models were manufactured in Brazil and known as the CG125(BR) models

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