About Mohawk

Mohawk Custom Garage…

…is just run by: 
Alessandro ‚Al‘ Voggel, owner of the Swiss company Airxess GmbH.

In Airbrush business, especially in the hockey section, Airxess GmbH (established in 1993, with 3 employees) stands for outstanding hockey mask paintings/designs.
Beside the well known pieces of art, the production of the own mask brand has set new standards to deliver all from one company.

But here we’re talkin‘ about old school bikes!

Al: „In 2013, after 20 years as a graphic artist, illustrator, painter and head of production, I started ‚Mohawk Custom Garage‘. As a mechanic (also on racing tracks back in the days), I missed the greasy, dirty fingers, the smell and sound of engines and of course to ride some cool bikes!

Painting bikes from time to time was already cool, but to strip em down, producing new parts and to paint about every nut and bolt, is even more fascinating.

On this website you will find some unique rides on which i have spent hours with a lot of passion! I’m working on the bikes when i’m in the mood. So, no tight deadlines and nervous customers. The bike is finished… when it’s finished.

Due to the fact that i have painted thousands of objects in the last two decades, at Mohawk Custom Garage the target will be building and converting bikes to unique ones as a whole concept!
The paintjob or airbrush mural is just a part of it.

The idea of ‚The Backyard Project‘:
The small garage in which i’m working on the bikes, is in the backyard of the Airxess GmbH store. It’s full of tools i need, and the rest, like the spray booth, sandblaster etc, is already in the Airxess store where you also find the little show room.

Honda CG’s 125 and some CB’s 250 are the bikes i’m working on mostly. Somehow i’m landed on this brand and style of bikes. Wheter you want to have them as they were back in the days, or you want to bring in your style, get in touch!

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