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How to, a view behind the curtain

Here i will give a deeper look in some details. But of course i'm not a 'Help Desk', i'm too busy to answer every question. Customers who bought a ride or it is in the pipeline, it's another thing.
All informations like, what kind of material, which parts, from who do i order etc., will not give just like that.
A longtime search and research were necessary to get all together! Thanks for understanding.

Front Fender

Check the length you like, cut the fender in pieces. Then cut away the struts. Don't forget to give a little clear coat where the cutting is, otherwise it gets rusty!


Battery holder

When you customize your CG to a Cafe Racer, it's a piece a cake to hide the battery.
On a Brat style Bike it takes much more effort to place it under the seat... pic


Licenceplate light

When you take the licence plate to the side, in Switzerland it is necessary to light it. I like to mount the light above the plate, then i have less mess with wires.


Electronic winker

A main problem on a CG is the turn signal. With it's power consuming flasher, the first thing i do is changing it to an electronic one. Some customer love the original parts, then i mount it in it's genuine alluminum case.


Shiny finish

It depends on style, some wanted to have the genuine patina. But if it comes to turn an item into 'new', there is the need of professional gadgets! First take a grinder and smooth it roughly, then go higher and higher with sanding paper (i go till 3000). After that i have a mix of aluminum polish and other stuff. Around the shiny part i paint it and cover it with a clear coat.


Tank, the eye catcher

The first, or at least the second thing you look on a bike is the paintjob. The most common fail customizer do, they don't pay attention to a professional look. Well, it's a lot easier to say "i love the flat black look" only to justify/excuse the badly (spray can-) paint job.
Of course it costs a lot when you give it to a pro, but the result is tremendous. It hasen't to be the ultimate mural, a 'simple' two tone is nice too.

Mohawk Custom Garage

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