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For Sale:
i have always bikes and bike-parts to sell. On this site you will find just the bikes.
Parts and other things you can check on another platform. Check em here on the tutti.ch site:  tutti. ch / Mohawk ad's

If you are interested in a bike, just get in touch with the contact form


Honda CB 250 Cafe Racer, Brat Style...

Have you ever dreamt of your own Cafe Racer or Brat Style ride? But not only to own one, it should look the way you want, with your style and colors? Just get in touch and we can have a chat.

My fave rides to convert are the following ones. Just ask for a quote:

Honda CG 125 (just Japan build ones around 1980)
Honda CB 250 G around 1975

Honda CG 125 and 250 CB's in the ShoowroomHonda CG 125 and 250 CB's in the Shoowroom

If you own one of these bikes and you want to transform it, you know where to go!
Even if you need just some parts being modified like the engine, tank or fenders, just call!




Honda CB 125 from '76

SOLD!Honda '76 CB 125 for saleHonda '76 CB 125 for sale

Close up Honda CB 125


Year: 1976
Modell: Honda CB 125 one cylinder

PRICE: 2875.- CHF (Swiss Francs)    SOLD!


Harley Davidson FortyEight 'Flat Black 48'

Harley Davidson '48 FortyEightHarley Davidson '48 FortyEight

Harley Davidson '48 Forty Eight

This flat black(!) '48 i bought in April 2013. The fenders and the tank i have painted before the first ride. Some extras are Remus exhaust, grips, bags, airfilter, turn signals… and a lot of parts with a flat finish!
I don't have to sell it, so please don't make strange offers.

The logo on the tank will be removed and repainted (just this section) with your gusto. 

A very cool ride with low km's. Get in touch when you're interested… and of course only when you are from Switzerland!

Year: 2013

PRICE: 10'780.- CHF (Swiss Francs)  


Honda CB 250 G 1975 Brat Style 'Silver Special'

Honda CB 250 G Silver SpecialHonda CB 250 G Silver Special


Honda CB 250 G 1975

This Honda CB 250 G 'Silver Special' was converted in a Brat Style with huge tyres and many other features like a long Brat seat (for two), hidden battery and cables, etc.
With the straight handlebar, and a lot of flat black painted parts, the whole bikes looks more aggressive.
Cherry on top is the very unique retro paintjob on the tank which is made with silver coars and a very dark metallic grey.
-two tone paintjob
-brat style seat and handle bar (legal)
-the bike is ready to ride (official approval and homologation for the road is new, ab MFK!)
-maintenance is done
If you need more informations, just call. For more pics check out the Making Of: Honda CB 250 Making Of


PRICE: 5825.- CHF (Swiss Francs)  SOLD!




Kawasaki Vulcan EN 500 1993 'The ChoppRacer'

Kawasaki EN 500 ChoppracerKawasaki EN 500 Choppracer


Kawasaki EN 500

This is perhaps one of the most unique Kawi EN 500 ever built. You like it...or not. Nothing in between. Heads will turn, this is for sure. You can check the making of on this site (go to 'Projects).

Almost every part was stripped down, cleaned and/or painted. Almost every part has a flat finish, a very cool look.

Update: i was not that happy with the huge white rear end and some other parts. After thinking back and forth i changed the following: complete new rear fender with a very small tail light. The licence plate i have relocated. And i just took off the side covers. Now, to me, the whole has a much cooler look.

For more informations get in touch, or check the link below 'Bikes and Parts'

Check out the film on youtube of the first conversion > Kawasaki EN 500 1993 Choppracer

PRICE: 3425.- CHF (Swiss Francs)  SOLD!


Honda CG 125 (no restoration)

What a bargain!
Because i'm working on two CB 250's, annd i'm running out of space, i sell this nice Honda CG 125 from 1981.
It is in pretty good shape and has the ok from the traffic licensing departement for another two years.

PRICE: 2300.- CHF (Swiss Francs)  SOLD!  (I haven't even written this AD to the end, and it is already gone!)



Honda CG 125 (no restoration)

This little fella has got a new paintjob, and some polish. It is in a very good condition and ready to ride.
Don't take too long to decide, these rides change the holder in minutes!
For more details just get in touch.

If you buy this one, don't change it to a Cafe or Brat. It's just too nice...

PRICE: 2950.- CHF (Swiss Francs)  SOLD!


Honda CG 125 Restored

Here another beautiful restored Honda CG 125. This is a 1982 model.
It was completely disassembled. About every item was cleaned and repainted (if necessary).
Frame was sandblasted and has now a nice powdercoat.
This bike has the swiss 'Veteranen' license. Means that it has to be checked only every 6 years by the traffic licensing departement, an not every two years as normal. Last check: new, so, 6 years of fun.

PRICE: 2650.- CHF (Swiss Francs)  SOLD!



Honda CG 125 Restored

Here we have a beautiful restored Honda CG 125 from 1981.
The chrome is shining and the new paintjob is a real eyecatcher.
This bike has the swiss 'Veteranen' license. Means that it has to be checked only every 6 years by the traffic licensing departement, an not every two years as normal. Last check was in 2014, four more years to go.

PRICE: 2900.- CHF (Swiss Francs)  SOLD!


'79 Honda CG 125 Cafe Racer

If the Cafe Racer theme touches you, then this is a ride you woun't overlookl!

About every screw and nut went through my hands. I pay very attention to details, therefore you can't find a thing which had to be redone. Only the frame and some engine brackets i gave away for powdercoating. The rest is all made inhouse.


If you like a very light weight fun racer for the town and/or for Show's, this Honda CG is made for you!
If you are from Switzerland, just get in touch!

PRICE: 5900.- CHF (Swiss Francs)  SOLD!



Kawasaki Vulcan EN 500 1990 Chopper

Another very unique Kawi EN 500 Vulcan. An eye catcher is this huge, custom made, sissybar. The burgundy red candy painting looks just awesome in the sun. You can check the making of on this site (go to 'Projects).

Almost every part was disassembled, cleaned… painted if needed. A really shiny bling bling bike

For more informations get in touch, or check the link below 'Bikes and Parts'

PRICE: 3'700.- CHF (Swiss Francs) SOLD!



Spare Parts and other bike stuff

 Check out the tutti.ch Website if you are looking for some spare parts: tutti. ch / Mohawk ad's

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